about chris


Chris has heard it all, twice.

In his career, Chris started as a journalist, earning awards for both column writing and investigative journalism from the Minnesota News Association. Then he was a family therapist for a dozen years, where Chris learned not only to listen, but what to listen for, in order to understand and help.  From there he learned how to help not only individuals and families, but also groups of people in communities, associations, and companies.  He started The Aesoph Group in 1995, and his company clients have set records in every category, many times since then.

His goal is to challenge people to bring their best forward, and for this to happen people have to find what they believe in, what they are willing to work for, fight for, and what they want to give. Chris is honored to do this work.  He knows that both individuals and companies have a calling, and a heartbeat, if you know what to listen for. 

Chris would enjoy hearing from you.