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Chris knows your company, and your career, are precious to you. He knows how much time and effort are required to build both, and he can sense how much of yourself you’ve already devoted to it. Chris believes that companies have a calling, as do teams and individuals, and his commitment is to help people like you to find the best path, both for your organization, and for yourself.

How much will this valuable input cost? Probably not as much as you might think, especially when you consider that every one of the companies that have worked with Chris have set records in profitability.

  • Storied Leadership:  Chris interviews the management team, then holds team sessions to understand and integrate the company story, with a goal of providing a clear direction and an integrated team approach. This can be done prior to, or following strategic planning, though ideally when Storied Leadership occurs before strategy, the strategic planning sessions are quicker and flow smoothly. If you find the implementation of strategy faltering, or the team splintering in different directions, use Storied Leadership. This work can be completed within 30 days. It is powerful preparation for any team planning to achieve remarkable results.
  • Deep Dive Customer Research: Chris calls a sample of your customers, and writes in-depth reports packed with quotes, along with specific recommendations regarding each customer. Recommendations range from suggested attitude adjustments to overhauls and upgrades of departments and products. This invaluable information can be delivered within 14 days. This research will tell you how important your work is to your customers, and how much they trust your company.
  • Life and Career Journey individual guidance: for Presidents, group leaders, and anyone (including salespeople) who lack a great manager. Sessions are typically held weekly.


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