storied leadership

Storied Leadership goes to the heart of the matter.

As a leader in your organization, have you ever found yourself thinking, "I wish we could remove all the egos, fears, suspicions, and misunderstandings from the room." If you have, you'll want to hear more about Chris and his approach to Storied Leadership.

By looking at the organization as an ongoing story, Chris's goal is to remove anything that impedes clear thinking, and turn the past into a platform to build upon. After he examines your organization's story, what remains is authentic, energizing, inspiring, intuitive, and bold. In other words, by examining and reinterpreting the story, and each person's role within it, Chris places the team in a position where leadership becomes easy and natural.

This experience goes beyond getting the team on the same page. Chris's goal with Storied Leadership is to get the team to have the same heart.

Paulsen, a top ten agricultural marketing agency in North America, moved full speed ahead after a Storied Leadership session. They consistently strive to make their firm the best place to work anywhere, while setting records for speed, quality, and more often than not over the past few years, profits.

“Chris's strength is in seeing through whatever walls you and your colleagues have erected, guiding you through the process of dismantling them, and moving forward with fresh, singular direction. Regarding team leadership, there is nothing more beneficial or that will bring more profitability to your team than this process.” 
Sara Steever, President of Paulsen, a Top 10 Agrimarketing firm, in 2017